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Open Cell

  • Crafted specifically for the sprayer, ensuring a seamless application experience.

  • Achieve more with less, maximizing coverage across diverse temperature conditions.

  • Flexibility to work across a vast range of temperatures, catering to diverse project environments.

Closed Cell

  • Leveraging the latest in foam technology to deliver unmatched insulating capability.

  • Designed for straightforward and effortless application, reducing project complexities.

  • Stay ahead with our advanced formula ensuring durability, efficiency, and superior insulation results.

Open Cell

Open-cell spray foam is a light-density material offering an excellent, tailored insulation and air barrier. Upon application, this foam rapidly expands, filling all gaps and spaces. It’s especially good at dampening noise, ensuring a serene and cozy indoor space. Typically, open-cell foam is used on interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and vented and unvented attics.


Advanced Insulation System.

VPC-50 NM is a residential insulation alternative to traditional materials like fiberglass. 

Typically applied to exterior and interior walls, vented attics, un-vented assemblies, and ceilings.

  • Effective Air Sealing

  • Tailored Fit

  • Superior Acoustic Control

  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

  • Featherlight Application

  • Uniform Coverage

  • Environmentally Conscious

  • Versatile Use

  • Cost-Efficient

Experience superior insulation and soundproofing with our Open-Cell foam

Closed Cell

Closed-cell foam stands as a robust insulation solution, known for its higher R-value, moisture resistance, and structural strength. Offering unparalleled thermal performance, our closed-cell foam is the top-tier choice for insulation projects.


Outstanding Performance.

Eco-friendly, rapidly curing foam using an EPA-approved agent, VPC-HFO offers high energy efficiency, reduced air infiltration, and project savings.
 With its eco-friendly formula, it ensures minimal environmental impact, boosting project cost and long-term energy savings.

  • Vapor Barrier at 2 Inches

  • Effective Air Sealing

  • Tailored Insulation Fit

  • Superior Sound Dampening

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Ultra-Lightweight

  • Complete Seamless Coverage

  • Consistent Insulation Value

  • Green Tech Compliant

  • Enhanced Comfort Control

  • Reduction in Energy Costs

Maximize energy efficiency and robustness with our Closed-Cell Foam Spray

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